Monitoring high value cargo

TEMS – Transport Environment Monitoring System is a highly advanced platform protocol for monitoring environmentally sensitive and valuable shipments. In addition to current location TEMS processes physical data of the surrounding environment including Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure, Light intensity, 3D orientation, and Free falls / Impacts. Measured values are transmitted in real-time to servers where users can view them in interactive graphs, tables, and reports. Sophisticated alerts enable shippers to react immediately to anomalies of predefined parameter settings. When each transport is finished, the system compiles a summary report for transport period of time.

Use of TEMS

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TEMS Hardware

A key component of TEMS is the hardware. For monitoring and recording physical conditions during transport, we developed a special probe which collects data from surrounding environment and converts them to digital form. The Probe which is connected to GPS tracker has sufficient battery power when shipments are traveling short distances. For longer duration shipments the SmartBox packs all together the probe, GPS tracker and an additional battery in one compact magnetic waterproof box.

EMX probe

We developed the unique EMX probe specifically with integration into TEMS in mind. Probe scans environmental temperature, humidity, air pressure, light intensity, impacts, 3D orientation and G-forces. Measured data is saved into probes internal cyclic buffer and periodically sent over cellular network connected GPS tracker to our servers for further processing.


SmartBox includes GPS tracker, EMX probe and external sensors – all in compact magnetic waterproof box. This solution is great for monitoring long duration transports. SmartBox makes it possible to have these features in on solution easy to attach to shipments.

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